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College Picture of Parker Byron
College Picture of Parker Byron circa 1993

General Information

My name is Parker Byron and I am currently the manager of system engineering at Ascend Learning. I was originally hired at the organization as a contractor in 2015 and quickly converted to full time as the first DevOps oriented Systems Engineer at the company. After 2 years at Ascend I was promoted to Senior Systems engineer. Approximately a year from that time I was promoted to Lead Systems Architect and then less than a year ago again promoted to Manager. I have enjoyed a quickly evolving career at Ascend and my intention is to stay at the organization and move to the Director position and ultimately the CIO.

I have enjoyed a passion for all things IT since I was young. I remember owning a commodore Vic 20 (predecessor to the famous 64) and using tape drives that used actual casette tapes and a cartridge slot similar to the early Atari systems. I used to read PC magazine and code the included bonus programs printed in the back in BASIC just to watch an asterisk dance across the screen. I distinctly remember having to number the lines and commands like GOTO being so important and quickly discovering what an infinite loop was. An interesting gotcha from back then is how you numbered lines. It was wise to go in 10s as there was no way to automatically update numbers if you made a mistake and had to insert new code somewhere. If you didn't you had to re-number the entire application. This is a mistake you only make once!

Additional Information

Background and Education
  • Born in Houlton, ME in 1973 to Ronald and Carmen Byron.
  • Grew up as a military brat and has lived in many states as well as Europe
  • The states and countries lived in include: U.S. (Hawaii, Alabama, Nebraska, Kansas, Colorado and Maine) and Germany
  • 25+ years real world experience in the IT field
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